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Methamphetamine Arrest In Rosemount, Ohio


October 14, 2021

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman and Portsmouth Police Chief Debby Brewer announce that a Portsmouth, Ohio man has been arrested for drug possession. The arrest comes after detectives from the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department conducted a “Knock & Talk” at a local hotel in Rosemount.

On Wednesday, October 14, 2021 at approximately 4:12 p.m., detectives from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and the Portsmouth Police Department, assisted by deputies, followed up on complaints of drug activity at a hotel in Rosemount. Detectives made contact with a tenant of the room and asked to speak with her. Upon entering the room detectives made contact with a male tenant.

The tenants were living in two adjoining rooms, one room contained the bed and bath rooms,

while the other contained the kitchen and living room area. Detectives obtained a consent to search from the tenants.

The investigation and search revealed approximately 150 grams of a rocky substance that is

believed to be Methamphetamine. Detectives also located approximately 10 grams of an unknown powdery substance, a Ruger LCP .380 semi-automatic handgun, digital scales and other evidence of drug trafficking.

47-year-old George Webster of Portsmouth, Ohio (listed as homeless) was arrested for Possession of Drugs, a felony of the 1st degree. Webster was placed in the Scioto County Jail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Portsmouth Municipal Court on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

The case against Webster, as well as the female tenant, will eventually be forwarded to the Scioto County Prosecutor, Shane Tieman, to be presented to a Scioto County Grand Jury for the

consideration of additional felony charges.

Sheriff Thoroughman and Chief Brewer request anyone wishing to leave drug information for the Southern Ohio Drug Task Force, to phone the Task Force tip line at (740) 354-5656 or email All information will be kept confidential and anonymous.


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