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One Prisoner Still On The Loose After Escaping The Star Community Justice Center


June 6, 2022

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman stated that his Emergency Communications Center

was contacted by the Star Community Justice Center (Franklin Furnace, Ohio), June 4th , 2022 at

8:06 p.m. in reference to “2-3 male inmates escaping. The caller advised that the inmates

escaped possibly by climbing the fence. The caller asked the dispatcher to notify the Ohio State

Highway Patrol, who is the responsible law enforcement agency.

Sheriff Thoroughman stated that deputies responded to the area, along with the Ohio State

Highway Patrol, to begin the search for the escaped inmates. Deputies contacted a person at the

Star Community Justice Center, who provided the names of the escapees and a description of a

female that was near the fence line just prior to the escape.

Upon the initial arrival of deputies, deputies stopped and spoke with a female asking if she had

witnessed anything to do with the escape. She stated no. This female matched the description

given by the employee of Star Community Justice Center. Deputies quickly relocated and

detained her.

The female, Allie Elizabeth Angelo, came to the Star Community Justice Center with her ex-

husband, Matthew Daniel Sladen, to assist her fiancée, Jeffrey Randle Fields, escape. Deputies

obtained the location of Sladen, which was Walmart in Waverly, Ohio. Deputies spoke with

Sladen and asked him to remain there. The Waverly Police Department was contacted and they

responded and located Mr. Sladen, detaining him until the arrival of Scioto County Deputies.

While deputies were speaking with Sladen, Fields was located and arrested by the Deputy

Webster on Junior Furnace Road. The Ohio State Highway Patrol located and detained escapee

Clifford Tyler Morris, who was located on Junior Furnace Road as well.

Sheriff Thoroughman stated that on the following morning deputies were dispatched to the

Norfolk and Southern property off of Hayport Rd in reference to two suspicious persons. Upon

the arrival of deputies, they observed the two individuals walking towards U.S. 52. The suspects

ran from deputies and a request was made to the Portsmouth Police Department for their K-9 unit

to track the suspects.

The Portsmouth P.D. responded, as well as the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The K-9 began

tracking the suspects and one of the suspects, Aaron Brigeman, emerged from the wood line and

began walking on the railroad property, where he was detained and arrested by Deputy Tackett-

Dye. Deputy Tackett-Dye asked Bridgeman where the other escapee was. The deputy was

advised to look at the end of Selby Ave. near a mobile home. Escapee Walker Pence was located

in the woods next to the mobile home.

Presently, the only inmate that is still on the run is Thomas Charles Comberger, age 46, of 294 S.

Walnut St., Wilmington, Ohio. He is described as 6’4” and 245lbs with brown hair and blue

eyes. Sheriff Thoroughman asks the public to call 9-1-1 if Comberger is spotted.

Escapees arrested were Jeffrey Randle Fields, age 37, of 321 Prange Dr. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio,

Clifford Tyler Morris, age 33, of 623 Polk Sabina, Ohio, Aaron Brigeman, age 43, of 15 Ridge

Ave. Dayton, Ohio, and Walker N. Pence, age 22, of 26080 Poplar Alley New Holland, Ohio.

Arrested also, Allie Angelo, age 32, of 450 Champlain St. Akron, Ohio. Angelo was arrested for

Aiding Escape, a felony of the 4th degree. Matthew Sladen, age 31, of 459 Champlain St., Arkon,

Ohio. Sladen was arrested for Aiding Escape, a felony of the 4th degree and Possession of

Criminal Tools, a felony of the 3rd degree.

Sheriff Thoroughman has been advised that all of the escapees from the Star Community Justice

Center were low level, non-violent, drug offenders. The Star Community Justice Center is a

community based correctional facility intended to promote and reduce prison commitments

through treatment and education.

Sheriff Thoroughman states that the investigation of the escape will be conducted by the Ohio

State Highway Patrol, since it is on State property.

Sheriff Thoroughman would like to thank the Portsmouth Police Department, Scioto County

Prosecutor Shane Tieman, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Waverly Police Department

for their assistance.

All cases will be presented to a Scioto County Grand Jury on a later date. The escapees will face

charges through their home counties as well.

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Jessi Ferrell
Jessi Ferrell
Jun 20, 2022

It's crazy to me that someone would escape from a facility that they have less than 6 months to serve!! They typically sentence ppl to 3-6 months in star and then your level determines whether you stay 90 days or 6 months but that is the max length of the program. o now they're getting hit with more felonies and more time and not at star either! Way to go guys, good way to get home faster lol

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