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Promotion of Detective Jodi Conkel

February 22, 2021

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman announces the promotion of Detective Jodi Conkel to Sergeant.

Sheriff Thoroughman states, "I am happy to announce that Detective Jodi Conkel was promoted to Sergeant this morning. Sergeant Jodi Conkel will remain in the Detective Division overseeing the day to day operations of the division. Sergeant Conkel has been with the Sheriff’s Office for almost 28 years, starting out as a dispatcher. Sgt. Conkel then was assigned to the jail as a deputy sheriff and in 1998 she was assigned to patrol, becoming the first female road deputy. Sergeant Conkel has worked in the Detective Division for past 18 years. It is vital to have a supervisor leading the day to day operations that has the vast knowledge and experience that Jodi possesses. Please help congratulate and welcome Sergeant Jodi Conkel in her new role!"


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