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Sheriff’s Office Jail Receives Certification


February 15, 2022

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman announced that the Ohio Department of

Rehabilitation and Correction, through the Bureau of Adult Detention, conducted an annual

inspection of the Scioto County Jail and has certified the jail as a “Compliant Jail” on January

25, 2022.

Sheriff Thoroughman states that this inspection, which occurred on November 29, 2021, was the first jail inspection that has occurred since he took office on January 4, 2021. The Scioto County Jail has been a “Status Jail” for some time.

A compliant jail by definition is: A jail which complies with all essential jail standards and 90%

of all important jail standards as determined by the Ohio Bureau of Adult Detention. A status jail

by definition is: Any jail which did not meet all essential jail standards and/or met less than 90%

of the important jail standards as determined by the Ohio Bureau of Adult Detention.

Important jail standards are: Jail standards that have been designated to support good

correctional practices in training, operations, inmate services, physical plant, safety and

emergency procedures, sanitation, food service, inmate rules and discipline and other areas that

address good correctional practice. Essential standards are not necessarily defined per se.

Basically; an essential standard is a group of procedures that are so vital to the operation of the jail that they are designated as procedures that must be complied with 100% of the time without exception. The jail must comply with 52 Essential and 119 Important standards (total of 171) to be compliant.

Sheriff Thoroughman states that he is impressed with the correctional staff and all of the hard

and difficult work that they have done to have the jail certified as a “Compliant Jail”.

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Feb 15, 2022

So glad that Sheriff Thoroughman & his staff are all doing such a great job!!

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