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Super and Mega Load Movement Update

March 4, 2024

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman and Portsmouth Police Chief Debby Brewer advise

that the first of the Super and Mega Loads will depart the dock, which is just east of Manchester,

on Wednesday, March 6th . The departure time is scheduled for around 8 a.m. The time could

vary due to unavoidable adjustments. This load will be one of the smaller ones.

Sheriff Thoroughman and Chief Brewer are sharing the information on these movements so that

commuters are able to adjust their departure times and routes as needed to avoid traffic congestions. If there are future updates to this movement those will be sent out.

Wednesday, March 6th (Day 1) (Approximately 8 a.m.)

The load will begin movement from Manchester Eastbound on U.S. 52 to West Portsmouth.

The load is expected to cross over and travel the wrong way in the US Route 52 Westbound

lanes just before the junction of State Route 239 & US Route 52.

The load will travel North on the State Route 239 Southbound ramp toward State Route 73/ State

Route 852.

Thursday, March 7th (Day 2)

The load will travel North on the State Route 239 Southbound ramp to State Route 73/ State Route 852 (near Mexi-Itali)

It will then travel South in the Northbound lanes of State Route 73/ State Route 852 to US Route 52 then it will head East in the Westbound lanes on US Route 52 to US Route 23 in Portsmouth

(Bob & Floyds Tires).

Travel North on US Route 23 in the Southbound lanes to the intersection of Kinney’s Lane and

Scioto Trail where it will cross over into the Northbound lanes towards Lucasville.

Friday, March 8th (Day 3) (Approximately 8 a.m.)

The load will continue Northbound from the Lucasville area towards the Village of Piketon.

David Thoroughman, Sheriff

Debby Brewer, Chief


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