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Super and Mega Load Movements Through The Scioto County and Portsmouth Area

Updated: Feb 28

February 21, 2024


Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman and Portsmouth Police Chief Debby Brewer advise

that there will be traffic delays in the near future and that these delays will be for the movement

of super and mega sized loads through the county and city. There will be 35 of these movements

beginning sometime in March.

The loads will begin movement from Manchester east bound on U.S. 52 to West Portsmouth.

The movement will remain in West Portsmouth overnight then begin the next morning moving

east bound in the west bound lanes of U.S. 52 into the city of Portsmouth.

After entering the city, the load will move north bound in the south bound lanes of U.S. 23, at

Bob & Floyds Tires, shortly awards they will move into the north bound lanes of U.S. 23. The

load will continue on U.S. 23 until they reach the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

garage near Lucasville, where they will park for the night. The following morning the load will

continue north bound on U.S. 23 towards Columbus.

The Sheriff’s Office, Portsmouth Police Department, Scioto County EMA, the Ohio State

Highway Patrol, and ODOT are working together to ensure that emergency response needs and

traffic delays are planned out to keep delays to the very minimum. However, the delays will be

unpreventable and information will be pushed out on the dates of these movements once it is

clear on the start dates. The Ohio State Highway Patrol will be providing escort for the super

and mega loads.


David Thoroughman, Sheriff

Debby Brewer, Chief


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