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Two Deaths Being Investigated in Two Fires in the Lucasville Area as an Apparent Murder/Suicide


July 1, 2023

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman states that his Office received a 9-1-1 call at approximately 3:53 p.m. on Saturday, July 1, 2023.  

The caller stated that there was a fire located at 13300 U.S. Highway 23 in Lucasville.  The caller advised that he was at that location.  Deputies were in the area of the call when dispatched.  

Valley Township Fire Department was dispatched to this location.  Norfolk Southern Railroad were contacted to shut down train traffic in the area of 13300 U.S. Highway 23.  This action was taken so that emergency responders could respond appropriately.  

The caller advised that there was another fire located on Nesbitt Road in Lucasville.  The caller advised that his father was deceased at that location and that he had killed him.

The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office did receive 9-1-1 calls of a fire located at 227 Nesbitt Road.  Deputies, as well as Jefferson Township Fire Department, responded to this location.

The Scioto County Coroner, Dr. Adams, was contacted and responded to both locations.  A detective from the Sheriff’s Office, along with investigators with the Ohio State Fire Marshall’s Office,responded to both fire scenes.

The State Fire Marshall’s Office will be investigating both fires.  A body was recovered from the scene of both fires.  The bodies were transported to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy.  

The caller identified himself as John Thomas (J.T.) Grooms II, of13300 U.S. Highway 23 Lucasville, Ohio.  His D.O.B. is 10-06-1995.  The caller identified his father as John Grooms.  John Grooms’ D.O.B. is 03-19-1947 and his address is 227 Nesbitt Road Lucasville, Ohio.

Sheriff Thoroughman states that there were numerous fire departments that responded to the scene of both fires.  They were Valley Township, Jefferson Township, Morgan Township, Union Township, Minford, Rubyville, Rosemount, and South Webster Fire Departments.  

This is still an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is requested to contact Detective Jackson at 740-354-7566.

Anyone with information about the fires should contact the Ohio State Fire Marshall’s Office at 614-752-7106 or Toll Free at 800-589-2728.


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