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Four New Deputies and One Correctional Officer Sworn-In


April 4, 2022

Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman announces the swearing-in of four (4) deputies and

one (1) correctional officer.

Sheriff Thoroughman states:

"I had the pleasure of swearing-in four deputies and a correctional officer this morning, April 8,

2022. Our newest deputies are Alicia Underwood, Alicia Yelley, Megan Carver and Gary

“Matt” Murnahan. Our newest correctional officer is Rebecca Davila.

Deputies Underwood, Yelley, and Carver have been employed with the Sheriff’s Office as

correctional officers. Deputy Underwood has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 9/17/2018,

Deputy Yelley since 3/15/2021, and Deputy Carver since 11/15/2021. They decided to advance

their careers as deputies and attended the Portsmouth Police Academy. This police academy was

made possible by the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office and the Portsmouth Police Department

working together to reduce the staff shortages of both agencies.

Please help welcome them and pray for them as they serve you in their new roles.

Sheriff David Thoroughman is pictured with Deputy Yelley, Deputy Carver, Deputy

Underwood, Deputy Murnahan, Correctional Officer Davila, and Captain Woodford."


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